About Aleksei

It all started with a hot cup of lemon tea on a murky January evening 2018. Aleksei has been drawing most of his life but it never occurred to him to do it professionally. Instead of pursuing his dream of becoming an artist and illustrator he went on to study Biology and then trained as an Operating Department Practitioner, which he now does full-time working for the NHS. Slurping through the last honey-sweet sip of tea he picked up a sketchbook and a pencil and drew what would become the first of the 365 steps to realizing his dream of becoming a professional artist.

Since the beginning of the challenge Aleksei has been experimenting with different media to help him find his own voice in the world of art. As a part of the challenge he also went to Florence to attend a portrait painting workshop run by one of his favourite artists, Cesar Santos.  Following the trip, from the confinement of a dining table in the living room he moved onto renting a studio space where he dedicates time to creating during days off work and soon hopes to open his studio doors to visitors.

"I just love to draw and paint whatever inspires me at the time, whether it's a favourite landscape, a person I've met, or something entirely crazy from my head. Some days I just can't wait to get on with the next project. I hope that one day I can do it full-time."