About the logo - a note about printmaking

I’m relatively new to printmaking. Well…to be completely honest, I  know nothing about it. In any case, like with any medium, I thought it was a good idea to give it a try. The idea seemed quite exciting – being able to make your own hand-made prints and sell to whoever fancies them. I immediately purchased a starter kit as I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I hadn’t. My first attempt was a sunflower (suggested by my wife), which was a fair attempt, although I did make a mess of it while carving since I couldn’t wait to see the end result. The deer in a boat, as seen on the logo, was actually my second run. Don’t ask me about the idea, my head is full of rubbish sometimes…may be it’s me heading into the horizon in a boat, or may be it’s just some crazy old deer who decided to nail his skills in sailing for a change. Anyhow, I was quite happy with it. The first print turned out ok and revealed some  mistakes in carving, which I adjusted accordingly of course. Then my heart filled with joy tasting all the future victories of printing humongous prints! So I took it a little further making myself a little more skint for the month. I didn’t go too crazy, just bought a couple of proper carving instruments, inks, some bigger lino sheets and  plywood to try doing it on a different medium. I even managed to find an old A3 line drawing from 2014 depicting a rather strange life cycle. I carved and carved….and carved until my fingers and elbows went numb. But something got the better of me and I decided that perhaps inking the previous smaller lino sheet would be a better idea to start with. And that’s where I really began to sweat. At first I thought it was the tile that absorbed all the paint so there was absolutely nothing left on a roller for the print. I put it aside and took glass instead laughing inside as if I knew I was in or a win. But no….I rolled and rolled and then added more ink and rolled more but there was nothing I could do to get a good result. Was it the ink? Or the temperature? I suppose I was a bit down-hearted as I sank into a state of defeat. “How could this happen? On Yutube it turned out just fine! Those lying bastards!’ This was the point where I sat down and started writing my first blog ever… My tile and glass should be dry by now, so I should go and try again!


P.S. I had another go at inking. I used cheap ink from the set and this time I was much quicker and used a lot more pressure with the barren. It turned out much better and not patchy like the first two goes. Gotta say, I have so much respect for printmakers…such a lengthy process and requires a lot of diligence, stamina and strength (unless you own a printing press ^-^ ).

Aleksei Sedov