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Little painting - big news


It's been 218 days since I've started my 365 drawing challenge. Today is not a particularly special day, neither it is a landmark. Today is just one of those days when I am lucky enough to come to my studio and do a full day's painting.

I've started to rent a studio space three months ago in hope to increase my productivity and focus on creating stuff without worrying about making a mess. At the moment the studio doesn't look like much, but it's got a desk (from ikea of course), an old kitchen table for printing, and some shelving that I found free to take by the entrance the other week (thank you kind person, my canvases no longer act as tiles on the floor). So far it's increased my productivity at least tenfold as I no longer need a whole month to produce a painting and I hope to keep up the hard work.

I think it was David Litchfield (Ted video) who originally inspired me to take on the challenge. It's not a new thing, lots of people are doing it and I didn't know where mine was going to take me. Of course, I have my goals and sooner or later I'm hoping I'll get there, but for now I have to focus on a particular event, which is giving me a lot of sleepless nights at the moment. I suppose the news is that I'm going to open my studio doors (or 1 door in this instance) to the public for the first time ever! The event is called Wimbledon Art Fair and it's going to happen in November 15-18. I visited the fair last spring just before I started renting the studio. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and of course couldn't decline the opportunity to participate. So for the past three months I've worked hard at making sure visitors have something to look at, and yet there is still a lot to be done. The majority of pieces I will display is the stuff I've been creating daily as part of the challenge, and also there will be a few older oil paintings as well. All the works displayed will be for sale, so if you fancied anything from the challenge you'll be more then welcome to buy it. This event is really important to me as I've had absolutely no idea I'd be doing something like this when I've starting drawing daily. Life...eh ?!

The little painting you see above is essentially my ticket to be able to participate in the fair. It will be displayed in the marquee near the entrance on one of the days and will also be on sale.

If you'd like to know more about the Wimbledon Art Fair, please send me an email or reply below in the comments. And of course you are absolutely welcome to come and say hello and see works of all the amazing artists working here.