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Inner battles, inspiration and influences

It’s been a long time since the last entry, however I can assure you (if there’s anyone out there) that I haven’t been skiving in the slightest manner. The Wimbledon Art Fair is creeping in slowly but surely and I have been busy producing work.

Despite what many may think, being creative isn’t an easy task…besides producing artwork we, the creators, face countless numerous inner battles. One day we think our work is good and on other days we call everything we make s%£! and call it quits. It’s natural, and better days do tend to come back. I’ve faced many such battles and the most recent one was to do with painting from life, which I haven’t done much previously. Before, if it was a still life for instance, I made up a composition, took a picture, and painted from it at my leisure. Recently, however, I’ve been trying to change that because I was no longer happy with my previous work. The three paintings above are my latest painting-from-life alla prima endeavours inspired by very well known artists I’ve been admiring for a long time. David Leffel and Daniel Keys, perhaps, taught me the most. Even though I haven’t met them in person, which I hope one day will happen, awoke looseness to my painting hand and bravery towards using colour and thinking about the subject. So thanks to them! I hope you like the paintings, and you most certainly might see some more of those in the future.